Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Winter has finally arrived in the great land of down under! I've been freezing it up in Melbourne as of late spending a little time hanging out with me, myself and I. We all need a little down time occasionally... Now that I've had a chance to slow down I wanted to finally share with you guys my Alice McCall campaign images. Featuring the always engaging Kaila Hart from Chic, I employed the services of my favourite girls, Lauren McCowan on hair and Jovita Lee on makeup. We shot at this amazing prop house where we sourced these fabulous statues. Click here to see a behind the scenes video put together by the very clever Dan Moon. I'm very happy with the final result. 

Working with Alice was great because she really encouraged me to really let loose creatively with the concept. I think she's been a great client who seems to understand the importance of creating hyper unique imagery that can captivate an audience. I think the market is so saturated with repetitive imagery at the moment that it feels like a breath of fresh air to see these images which are more like pop art then advertising. And if you happen to live in Melbourne or Sydney, get along to one of the Alice McCall stores to see these glorious images as giant billboards. Even more fabulous in real life darling!