Tuesday, 21 October 2014

GOLD RUSH: Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr
dress by MAX MARA

On occasion when Melbourne Black Magazine contributing editor Justin Henry visits Sydney, we team up to shoot fresh imagery to inspire for the upcoming season.  With summer just around the corner, Coogee beach seemed the perfect backdrop to showcase the effortless beauty of Claudia Wilkinson from IMG.  Heather Cairns, editor of Tangent magazine, creates a summery allure with outfits and accessories from designers such as Alex Perry, Willow and Dinosaur Designs. Justin Henry created these salty exfoliated hair and makeup looks using Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation and O & M hair products. Thank you to Ben Pyke for assistance on the day: feel free to click on the pictures to see them in detail! Here comes the summer sun!

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr
dress (worn back-to-front) by MAX MARA 

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr
dress by ALEX PERRY

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr
dress by WILLOW 
bracelet & bangle by DINOSAUR DESIGNS 

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr
bra top (worn back-to-front) by SCANLAN & THEODORE 
pants by SPORTMAX 

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr
bikini top by MARTHA REY 

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr

Claudia Wilkinson @ IMG by Thom Kerr
swimsuit by AZZOLLINI 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

KIMBRA AND JANELLE MONÁE: The Golden Electric Tour

Last week I was lucky enough to get to go to Los Angeles to shoot the tour poster for the highly exciting announcement that Kimbra and Janelle Monae are performing together in a show called The Golden Electric across Australia and New Zealand. It was a challenging and inspiring day of shooting where lots of creatives had to come together to workshop something cool in a tight amount of time! Here is a final look at the poster art! 

The Golden Electric Tour - Kimbra and Janelle Monae by Thom Kerr
The final poster featuring Janelle Monae and Kimbra
Lauren McCowan did Kimbra's hair and makeup - and her playsuit is from Gail Sorronda's new collection Mermaids Exist. Jessie Sara English did all the production and Shayan Asgharnia was my photographic assistant. It was a great day. You should check out the video as well below shot by director Alan Ferguson - who is such a lovely guy. The footage is a great introduction to what you'll expect from the tour! A massive thanks to the team at Sonic Fuel Studios where we shot and recorded the entire piece - they were so helpful and accommodating I would recommend them to everyone! 

I'd book my tickets now if I were you via live nation!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

SHOUT OUTS! - 2013 IN REVIEW: Flashback time!

2013 - that's a wrap! I thought I would do a quick post that features all the videos from the shoots I worked on this year!

As always it takes lot of people to make the magic so a massive shout out to (in no particular order) Dylan B, Amelia J Dowd, Justin Harrison, Kimberly Clarke, Tasha Tylee, Yasmin Suteja, & Ian Knight - thank you for helping me with all of these video projects and seeing it through to the final edit!

Also big props to the people who helped me in all forms this year from Chris Fatseas on shoots to Ben Scott and Daniel Sangermani for sharing their awesome studio spaces with me. Y'all gotta book their studios people!

Thank you to my wonderful editors of Black Magazine, Grant Fell and Rachael Churchward, whose determination and loyalty inspire me - and lots of gratitude to the incredible Justin Henry who continues to have a massively positive impact on me both personally and professionally! What a guy!

And a very big thank you to all of the designers, artists, models, creatives, bookers, agencies and clients I worked with this year (even the clients I didn't like) - I learnt from everyone! And thank you to my agency Independent for looking after me in what has been a massive year of accomplishments and evolution.

The end of 2013 was a monster of adventure - so many amazing things coming out in the next couple of months with big personalities! Stay tuned lovers! 2014 here we come! Feel free to explore the video gallery below - I love these videos!


Thom Kerr Marthe Wiggers Justin Henry Beauty
Thom Kerr & Justin Henry Beauty capture Marthe Wiggers

Those who know me personally understand my obsession with deep space and unexplained mysteries - one of my favourite topics being the existence of UFO's. The inspiration behind this story in the latest issue of Black magazine started when I discovered a series of allegedly true photographs of UFO's taken in a famous case called The Billy Meier Contacts. It got me thinking about how most ufo pictures are taken from a distance and usually somewhat distorted so I thought it would be fun to create a story incorporating that idea - almost a Where's Wally type effect - in which the reader would have to slow down to examine the picture to see if they could spot the craft. Just to see who would notice and if they noticed one, would they go back and scan the other images. Often I star gaze late at night and wonder if anyone is looking down at me... so I thought I would split the story into two - the girl who watches inside the craft and the girl who lives her daily life dreaming of something bigger... Beauty by Justin Henry - Styling by Katrina Sheiles - Art Direction by Lindsay Rose - featuring Marthe Wiggers from IMG models. Click the pictures to spot the flying craft!

Thom Kerr Marthe Wiggers Justin Henry Beauty
Thom Kerr & Justin Henry Beauty capture Marthe Wiggers

Sunday, 6 October 2013

HURRICANE LEILA: A preview of my new beauty series...

Hello lovers! Those of you who have known me for a while know that traditionally I haven't done much beauty work in the past. Over the last year though, thanks in part to my co-australian editor of Black Justin Henry, I've been really discovering the genre. To the point now where I've had my first beauty cover for Black featuring Ruby Jean Wilson - you can check it out on Frockwriter if you missed it - and I keep getting approached by different creative directors from beauty brands... fun times!

Leila @ Chic

I think in the past I had been resistant to shooting beauty because I thought a lot of it looked pretty average - same composition, same idea, same lighting etc. However, having now dabbled I'm finding new ways to create magic and discovering how to put the Thom Kerr drama into the genre! I love my beauty story that I shot for Blacklog - I also wanted to share these two setups that I adore that we shot later in the day. Justin and I have shot a body of exquisite beauty work which we're dying to share with y'all! But you'll just have to be patient for the time being! So enjoy! Hair and makeup by Justin Henry modelled by Leila Goldkuhl @ Chic and shot at Studio 501. Studio 501 is located in Surry Hills and super groovy - you should book the space!

Leila @ Chic

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

JUSTIN HENRY BEAUTY: A little background behind the other Australian editor of Black Magazine...

Annabel Moore wears dress by Rachel Gilbert

Many of you would be aware by now that outside of taking fabulous pictures I am one of the Australian editors for Black magazine. For those of you who don't know, Black is a beautiful glossy publication that has an international team of top notch contributors. All of the content is assembled together and published from the New Zealand capital of Auckland then distributed around the world. I love working with Black as I'm always learning more about the business of fashion - not just the process of creating the pictures themselves. The photos I'm sharing with you now are outtakes from a beauty story I shot with the super lovely Melbourne based stylist Sophie Barker and my fellow Black Australian editor Justin Henry. We shot this story before our featured beauty editorial 'Is Anybody Out There?' which you can see in all it's glory in the latest issue of Black #19 - starring the lovely Annabel Moore.

Annabel Moore wears jacket by Manning Cartell

Monday, 7 January 2013

THAT'S A WRAP 2012: The year that was!

Adventures ahoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years darlings! I thought I'd kick the year off by sharing some pictures of Taren Cunningham - a talented artist and musician who mused for some of the biggest names in fashion including Tim Walker and Steven Klein. She is one amazing woman and a delight to shoot! Have a listen to one of her latest projects here - her music sounds like a magic spell. I think that's why the pictures turned out the way they did! Goodness gracious... so much got crushed right into the end of the year there! I've been state hopping as usual. Had a lot of fun, shot a lot of pictures! December saw me visit Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. By the time I got in to see my family I was well and truly ready to sleep for a thousand years. I had a really fun New Years Eve with my pals Sarah Birchley and Jovita Lee hanging out by a lake behind Noosa in a place called... Ccccooooorrrrrooooyyy... I can never pronounce it properly - but it was a good time! I woke up to sunrise in a field wrapped up in a picnic blanket! What a way to welcome in the new year!

The wonderful Taren Cunningham channels some magic