Sunday, 6 October 2013

HURRICANE LEILA: A preview of my new beauty series...

Hello lovers! Those of you who have known me for a while know that traditionally I haven't done much beauty work in the past. Over the last year though, thanks in part to my co-australian editor of Black Justin Henry, I've been really discovering the genre. To the point now where I've had my first beauty cover for Black featuring Ruby Jean Wilson - you can check it out on Frockwriter if you missed it - and I keep getting approached by different creative directors from beauty brands... fun times!

Leila @ Chic

I think in the past I had been resistant to shooting beauty because I thought a lot of it looked pretty average - same composition, same idea, same lighting etc. However, having now dabbled I'm finding new ways to create magic and discovering how to put the Thom Kerr drama into the genre! I love my beauty story that I shot for Blacklog - I also wanted to share these two setups that I adore that we shot later in the day. Justin and I have shot a body of exquisite beauty work which we're dying to share with y'all! But you'll just have to be patient for the time being! So enjoy! Hair and makeup by Justin Henry modelled by Leila Goldkuhl @ Chic and shot at Studio 501. Studio 501 is located in Surry Hills and super groovy - you should book the space!

Leila @ Chic