Tuesday, 31 December 2013

SHOUT OUTS! - 2013 IN REVIEW: Flashback time!

2013 - that's a wrap! I thought I would do a quick post that features all the videos from the shoots I worked on this year!

As always it takes lot of people to make the magic so a massive shout out to (in no particular order) Dylan B, Amelia J Dowd, Justin Harrison, Kimberly Clarke, Tasha Tylee, Yasmin Suteja, & Ian Knight - thank you for helping me with all of these video projects and seeing it through to the final edit!

Also big props to the people who helped me in all forms this year from Chris Fatseas on shoots to Ben Scott and Daniel Sangermani for sharing their awesome studio spaces with me. Y'all gotta book their studios people!

Thank you to my wonderful editors of Black Magazine, Grant Fell and Rachael Churchward, whose determination and loyalty inspire me - and lots of gratitude to the incredible Justin Henry who continues to have a massively positive impact on me both personally and professionally! What a guy!

And a very big thank you to all of the designers, artists, models, creatives, bookers, agencies and clients I worked with this year (even the clients I didn't like) - I learnt from everyone! And thank you to my agency Independent for looking after me in what has been a massive year of accomplishments and evolution.

The end of 2013 was a monster of adventure - so many amazing things coming out in the next couple of months with big personalities! Stay tuned lovers! 2014 here we come! Feel free to explore the video gallery below - I love these videos!


Thom Kerr Marthe Wiggers Justin Henry Beauty
Thom Kerr & Justin Henry Beauty capture Marthe Wiggers

Those who know me personally understand my obsession with deep space and unexplained mysteries - one of my favourite topics being the existence of UFO's. The inspiration behind this story in the latest issue of Black magazine started when I discovered a series of allegedly true photographs of UFO's taken in a famous case called The Billy Meier Contacts. It got me thinking about how most ufo pictures are taken from a distance and usually somewhat distorted so I thought it would be fun to create a story incorporating that idea - almost a Where's Wally type effect - in which the reader would have to slow down to examine the picture to see if they could spot the craft. Just to see who would notice and if they noticed one, would they go back and scan the other images. Often I star gaze late at night and wonder if anyone is looking down at me... so I thought I would split the story into two - the girl who watches inside the craft and the girl who lives her daily life dreaming of something bigger... Beauty by Justin Henry - Styling by Katrina Sheiles - Art Direction by Lindsay Rose - featuring Marthe Wiggers from IMG models. Click the pictures to spot the flying craft!

Thom Kerr Marthe Wiggers Justin Henry Beauty
Thom Kerr & Justin Henry Beauty capture Marthe Wiggers