Tuesday, 4 October 2011

SHORT FILM: Anything But Ordinary

The kind folk at Olympus have gifted me with a new camera they've brought out named the PEN E-P3. It's a sexy little number that has an old school vintage type look but can take a super powerful photograph, rivaling that of any DSLR. It comes with a wicked array of features including some super cool art filters and the recording power to make HD movies! 

Excited by my new toy, I decided to take a walk the other day to get some inspiration. Sadly by the time I made it to the city centre, the rain began to pour down and I had to scrap my original idea... 

I took shelter undercover nearby, pondering my next move whilst scanning my surroundings. That's when I happened to notice this very elegant escalator. Upon closer inspection I soon became obsessed with it. So much so that I made a short film about it... and here it is - Anything But Ordinary - which is all about finding art in the most mundane of places. Shot, directed and edited by yours truly.