Monday, 7 January 2013

THAT'S A WRAP 2012: The year that was!

Adventures ahoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years darlings! I thought I'd kick the year off by sharing some pictures of Taren Cunningham - a talented artist and musician who mused for some of the biggest names in fashion including Tim Walker and Steven Klein. She is one amazing woman and a delight to shoot! Have a listen to one of her latest projects here - her music sounds like a magic spell. I think that's why the pictures turned out the way they did! Goodness gracious... so much got crushed right into the end of the year there! I've been state hopping as usual. Had a lot of fun, shot a lot of pictures! December saw me visit Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. By the time I got in to see my family I was well and truly ready to sleep for a thousand years. I had a really fun New Years Eve with my pals Sarah Birchley and Jovita Lee hanging out by a lake behind Noosa in a place called... Ccccooooorrrrrooooyyy... I can never pronounce it properly - but it was a good time! I woke up to sunrise in a field wrapped up in a picnic blanket! What a way to welcome in the new year!

The wonderful Taren Cunningham channels some magic

I also celebrated my birthday on the 13th Dec - I'm now officially 28. So it's always a time for reflecting on where I've been, where I am and where I want to be going. I learnt a lot about myself the hard way in 2012 so this year will be one where I treat myself a little more softly. I can't control how things will play out, I've just got to move with the tide as it happens. Overall though, the year that past has been very good to me and I'm always grateful to those of you who continue to follow my pictures. I launched my new website which has been a long labour of love - I'm very happy with the new layout. I'm having heaps of fun working with Black magazine who give me lots of creative freedom in the projects we collaborate on. I've developed relationships with brand new artists and clients who have brought joy and laughter into my working year! It's also been a lot about stepping into myself as a artist and being confident with what I want to share with the world! 2013 will contain some of my best work to date as I breathe ideas into life that I have been carrying with me for about six years. Time to let some projects blossom! So hat's off to you my lovelies! Enjoy the ride, it's just begun!

Beauty by Jovita Lee / Catsuit by Lindsay Rose

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