Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NON, JE NE REGRETTE RIEN: Who doesn't love a moody atmosphere...


Hello gorgeous creatures! How are you? I've missed you! 
It's been a while since we've sat down and had a little chat together so I thought I would put on a little bit more of a show this time! We all know I'm a big fan of drama so I thought we would do something a little more quirky... a little more unusual... a little more Thom Kerr perhaps?

Gail Sorronda polka dot button up
Vintage hand painted skirt, tutu and head scarf, stylist's archives

I was back in Brisbane recently shooting local design hero Gail Sorronda's new collection. The pictures will be out very shortly... It was fun working with her! She's very specific and knows what she likes. I think in this business her success has derived from having a clear understanding of where she wants to go with her brand - and as to be expected, the designs were beautiful and well made. I like the fact that Gail hasn't succumbed to all of the repetitive aesthetic trends we see in some of the other young designers celebrated in the industry at the moment. Her work has a long shelf life!

Boxvintage skirt as cape
Bowtie, stylist's archives

Outside of business hours, it's always important to put time aside to shoot pictures for artistic stimulation. During this trip the lovely Lauren Moody from Viviens Models had captured the interest of my regular stylist collaborator Sarah Marion Birchley. I had noticed Lauren's striking features on many different occasions - so it was fun to finally get an opportunity to work together. I wasn't aware she was originally a Queensland girl as well... Oh what wonderful talent is produced up here! So next thing you know we locked in a day for us to take some fresh pictures.

Military jacket, stylist's archives
Gail Sorronda polka dot flares

Sarah had envisioned a harlequin type character and enlisted the help of hair and makeup stylist Vivianne Tran. Once we all got into the studio I looked through the outfits that Sarah had pulled together and I started seeing a Vivienne Westwood esque character coming to life! I'm always obsessed with finding that perfect balance between eccentricity vs. classic beauty.

Boxvintage gold stripe blouse
Boxvintage polka dot blouse as skirt
Tom Gunn shoes

I think Vivianne did a great job of keeping structure within the hair, whilst letting the shapes enter a surreal territory. It was a strong makeup look, but not over baring or too ridiculous. Meanwhile Sarah was having a grand old time playing with all the colours, textures and the shapes! All in all, to me the final result feels very british!

The Pièce de résistance is that Lauren actually is that cool hipster babe that she looks like in her photos. She wasn't afraid of my strange sense of humour. In fact, we spent a good deal of the shoot laughing. I really like her! (And not just because she laughs at my jokes) If you get a chance, you should work with her. She is a great model who really knows what she's doing and she's all about chasing the fantastic photo. It's always a breeze for me when I don't have to instruct too much - Lauren knew exactly where to go and what to do. Just like the pasties covering her nipples, the girl is a star!

sass + bide check jacket
Alice McCall shorts
Custom knee highs
Boots, stylist's archives

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